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March 31 ,2023

India has not put all of its eggs in a single basket and continues to import apples from multiple sources, says Prashant Gidwani, founder of Indian fruit importer Fresh Fruit Alliances. 

August 8 ,2022


Born into the produce business, Fresh Fruits Alliances' founder Prashant Gidwani is passionate about helping fellowIndians lead healthier lives with high quality fresh fruit.

May 2 ,2024


The recent Red Sea issues have disrupted trade on most important shipping routes. The transit time of the vessels coming from Europe to India are extended by 15-20 days.

May 2 ,2024

Prashant Gidwani, director at Fresh Fruit Alliances Pvt. Ltd., states that the weather has caused most of the issues. “Apple is a climacteric fruit that needs the correct physiological maturity.

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